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Insta-Infused EVOO

I have had my iSi whipper for awhile now and what I am starting to realize just how versatile this little gadget is. While it does make a mean whip cream, that just scratches the surface of what this thing can do. For this post I'm using it to make an instant EVOO infusion. Normally something that can take weeks, literally can be done in under a minute in an iSi whipper. To obtain this instant infusion we use nitrogen cavitation. Which by definition is "Cell disruption by nitrogen decompression from a pressurized vessel is a rapid and effective way to homogenize cells and tissues, to release intact organelles, and to prepare cell membranes." Translated we are basically subjecting the ingredients to high nitrogen pressure, which when suddenly released causes the cells to burst as nitrogen bubbles form inside them. The possibilities are endless with this! Not only can you infuse oil with any porous ingredient(s), but you can infuse anything! Alcohol, water....whatever your little heart desires! Again this is just one of the many MANY things an iSi Whipper can do. This device definitely ranks high on my list of "must haves" in the kitchen. 

Santa was kind enough to bring me my own copy of Modernist Cuisine at Home which is where I first discovered the use of nitrogen cavitation to create infusions. I slightly adapted their Herb- and Spice-Infused olive oil (I didn't have everything). I only used the fried garlic slices, black peppercorns and the rosemary leaves. A big thanks again to the Modernist Cuisine at Home people for letting me share these recipes from their book. If you want to become a better cook, MCAH is definitely a book you need to get!

Check out what I used my Insta-Infused EVOO for....I call it The McJagger!

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