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Om Nom Nom Friday #2


Well ladies and gentlemen, the day is here. This will be officially my last post living in Happy Valley. Tomorrow I will be loading up this beast of a vehicle and driving 411 miles to start my new life in Fort Wayne, IN. 

But, have no fear, the name of my blog will remain the same. Because, you can take the boy out of Happy Valley, but you cannot take the Happy Valley out of the boy. I have lived in this area for almost 29 years and while I will create a new home in Indiana I will continue to ask my questions with a downward inflection, I will always use the term hoagie (not sub), Middleswarth Bar-b-q chips will always be the best, even though I love beer of all kind Yuengling will always hold a special place in my heart, I will never purchase anything other than Heinz ketchup, and I will bleed Blue & White until the day I die. 

After 29 years you can imagine I have some amazing memories in this fantastic little town. But, some of the best years of my life happened in the last few years. Here is a look back of some of those memories. 

You would think that since this is my last post in Happy Valley I would do something off the chain spectacular...well my entire kitchen has been packed in boxes and the kitchen looks like a tornado has gone through it. So, I figured to make life easier, I would make my last post be a little reflection on my time in Happy Valley and host my link party Om Nom Nom Friday #2. Be sure to link up below and share some of your fantastic creations. 

Don't forget sharing is caring! :)

Don't forget sharing is caring! :)

Some of my favorites...

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